90 days same as cash


Offer Your Customers 90 day same as cash financing with no credit checkĀ 

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Details of Our 90 Day Same As Cash Program

90 Days Same as cash details

-Up to $5000 instant 90 day financing
-Can be used for both services & tangible goods
-Customer must have at least 25% down
-Also offers 6 month and 12 month payment terms
-Business owner does need to purchase terminal
-A $49 dollar set up fee applies to all accounts
-Business owner receives all funds in 2-3 business days
-Business owner has Zero liability on all transactions

This program works for all types of businesses including:
-General Auto Repair-Transmission Repair-Computers
-Furniture/Bedding/Mattress-Guns/Ammo-Funeral Home
-Medical/Dental Services-Veterinary/Animal Hospital
-New Scooter Sales-Home Improvement-Sporting Goods
-Camping/Skiing/Outdoor Recreation-Tattoo Shops

We also offer small business owners loans Up to 250K with no collateral even if they have bad credit or Bankruptcies!