What’s needed to get started

How to get started offering our 90 day same as cash program

 Setting up an EZ Pay merchant account documentation needed:


-EZ Pay Fee verification form

-Current bank statement (all pages)

-Proof of business existence One of the following:

-Business license or registration  -occupation tax registration (county/city)

-Certificate of Existence (state)   -Certificate of good standing (state)

-Fictitious Name certificate –Sales and Use Tax Permit –Articles of Incorporation

-Local Business Tax Receipt (county/city)


Photo ID of contract signer (Must be principle owner or Officer)- drivers license( preferred) or

Passport.  Take a picture with a smart phone or digital camera and email to: dbsproducts@gmail.com


IRS Document Verifying Federal Tax ID- Any of the following:

-First 2 pages of personal tax return

-First page of a corporate tax return

-SS$ acknowledgement letter or any form from the IRS with TAX ID number

-Voided check

-Photo of business Exterior-Include signage, can be cell phone photo


Our fax number is: 1-866-810-2352


E mail: dbsproducts@gmail.com